Can Astrology Predict Your Sex Life?

Okay I admit it. Along with being a closeted Madonna girl (so shoot me for liking “bad” 1980s music), I’m an avid horoscope reader. While looking at my yearly forecast, it seems the next sixteen years will fill my Virgo life with romance. Sweet! However, I then jealously found out the next sixteen years promise Geminis hot and steamy sex.

It got me thinking. Can the stars really predict what’s going on in your bedroom? Not only that could a couple use this knowledge to help a flagging sex life?

So I decided to go to the source and ask an Astrologer. Tim Stephens, who writes my very favorite horoscope website, was kind enough to answer my tough questions.

First things first: I asked Tim if he could chart my sexual drive. After giving me a rather complicated answer full of moons, planets and angles, he answered, “By all means, yes.” Not only that, he said he could divide my sex drive by different states, romance, lust or marriage. And even grade my “lust” states by them being either casual or deep.

Wow. Go figure. This is definitely one of those, why didn’t I know this twenty years ago things. Instead of forcing the “sex once a week equals success” equation, charting sex drive can mean respecting a couple’s natural sexual rhythm. You see, the key to long term sexual success is to appreciate there will be times of lots of sex, times with no sex, and times of having sex once a week. Being able to foresee when these situations will happen could potentially eliminate a ton of couple grief.

Therefore charting sex drive could be a better solution, or at least a more holistic answer, for those couples waiting with bated breath for a female Viagra.

Before getting all excited to promote a seemingly wishy-washy topic, I needed to placate the astrology cynics. Here’s the rest of my Q & A with Tim.

Trina: What’s your response to a horoscope/ astrology skeptic to prove it’s viable?

Tim: You can’t convince a skeptic by any kind of logic. However, many studies have supported the general concept of influence from the skies. Michael Gaquelin, a French statistician, proved overwhelmingly that certain professionals – e.g., scientists, dancers, politicians, etc, tend to share the same planet in the same angle of the birth chart. A statistical tendency that was far beyond chance.

Trina: It seems absurd that every single Virgo is going to have a lust fueled day just because the planets say so.

Tim: One in twelve people are Virgo. Every Virgo, if the aspects are just right-Mars and Moon eighth, Neptune fifth, Venus fifth, etc.-will feel SOME sensual emotion. But all Virgos will react in different ways. Those hard at work might not lift their heads long enough to notice. Some will repress it. Some will sublimate. Perhaps only 1 in 10, or 1 in 50 Virgos will actually find or grab a partner and act out those sensual feelings.

Also, the sexual/lust urge in astrology is identical to the financial/investment, death, murder, crime, research and other “urges.” So many Virgos will probe these areas during that time, rather than lust.

Trina: How much of horoscopes is planting a seed in someone’s mind, creating the anticipation, thus creating their life results?

Tim: This process is self-suggestion, and it is a major tendency in astrological clients, which the astrologer must be aware of and handle wisely. However, if the client is fed “good news” or happy outcomes, then self-suggestion, even if present, does no harm. In fact it performs a benefit. That’s why many astrologers lean backwards to be cheerful, optimistic in readings and horoscope columns.

Trina: My personal pet peeve: One horoscope tells me I’m going to be jacked up and good to go and another one tells me that my sex appeal will be flat. If this is based in astrology, why then is there such inconsistency between astrologer’s predictions?

Tim: Actually, this happens less than you would think. If you read three daily horoscopes for Pisces, each should refer basically to the same thing. If the Moon is in Capricorn that day, all three writers should be mentioning something “social” for Pisces. There are from 2 to 10 aspects every day – some astrologers will look at one, some at another.

So there you have it. If you’re still an astrology skeptic, then this means of tapping into your unique sexual rhythm will not be for you. However, how can you come to terms with your ebb and flow sex drive? Personally I’m going with the feel-good romance for the next sixteen years predictions. Like Tim said, good thoughts can only lead to fantastic sex results.

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